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Life Coaching looks to the future and helps you define what you want.

Life Coaching is focused on VISION, ACTIONS, and SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.

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Positive Psychology Is The Science Of Happiness.

As a Life Coach, I offer a unique approach by integrating two specialized fields: Positive Psychology and Relationships. My expertise lies in assisting both women and men who are navigating challenges within their primary relationships, whether it's with themselves, their partners, or in a professional setting.

Positive Psychology views you through a positive lens by focusing on who you are at your best, tapping into your strengths, and creating the life and relationships you desire. We won’t dwell on negatives and what’s not working. Instead, we’ll define what you want and who you want to be.

Gain clarity and peace of mind!

I help my clients find relief and regain hope. Whether looking at why you are currently dissatisfied and trying to figure out what to do about it, wanting to improve the relationship you are in, or recovering from a previous relationship, our starting point will be; What Do You Want?

Together, we will shift your perspective and empower you to cultivate better relationships in all aspects of your life, ultimately leading to increased happiness.

Working collaboratively, we will instigate positive transformations in your life. We will assess who you are when you are at your best and envision a life where you embody these qualities permanently. Imagine the feelings of hope, emotional freedom, relief, confidence, fun, energy, and excitement that come with living in this way!

So who are my clients? 


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Why should you hire me as your life coach?

Because I've been precisely where you are. I have navigated major crossroads in my own journey that were wrought with emotional turmoil and self-doubt.  The road I’ve walked, with the education and growth that’s come from it, has equipped me with the empathy, understanding and tools to guide you.

I am deeply passionate about unlocking the potential with every client because I believe in the transformative power of personal evolution. 

As your life coach, I will be your ally, sounding board, and cheerleader. Together, we will emerge through the fog of uncertainty and cross the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. I am dedicated to helping you turn your struggles into stepping stones, leading you to a place of strength, happiness, and unshakeable confidence.

Because you deserve a life not just lived, but one that is thriving and abundant in every sense. Let's make it happen!

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I’m Lisa, a certified life and positive psychology coach. I specialize in helping individuals like you find clarity, build confidence, and create a life they love. With a focus on positive psychology and sustainable results.

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The foundation of my practice is rooted in... 

Education, providing safety and support, core work to build your best self and positive psychology!