Men are conditioned to be strong, succeed professionally, and provide... less encouraged to keep their feelings to themself.  Unfortunately, none of this supports your ability to meet the emotional needs of others, primarily your partners, your children, or your own.

Your career may be on track but is your relationship thriving?

Your happiness greatly depends on the quality of your intimate relationship. Research has proven that men live longer when they are in a happy and thriving marriage.

However, there is a lack of formal training for men on how to succeed in relationships and achieve the desired fun, connection, and physical intimacy they crave.

When it comes to men, I approach things directly.  Together, we’ll take inventory and see where you (and your partner) want improvement.  

  • Do you love your partner but struggle to meet her needs?
  • Are you tired of constant fighting and conflicts?
  • Have you noticed that the fun has disappeared?
  • Do you feel coming home your relationship is one more responsibility to be met? 
  • Do you feel there’s no room to say what you need and want?
  • Have you considered starting anew with someone else?
  • Are you dealing with the aftermath of a breakup and want to move forward?
  • Do you want to enjoy having a romantic partner who’s appreciative and happy they get to be with you?

Wouldn't it be a relief to have a safe space where you can feel comfortable expressing your thoughts, fears, and emotions without feeling selfish, or judged?

Coaching with me, you will learn how to be successful in your personal life, just as you have learned to succeed in your professional life.  You will gain a deeper understanding of what triggers both yourself and your partner, and how it impacts your relationship.   You will learn how to view things differently to gain a broader perspective which will bring you closer and reduce conflict.  Most importantly you will learn how to make shifts in your approach that will gain you positive, sustainable results bringing you a new sense of confidence in your relationship.

With fresh insights, you can interact in a new way that brings joy to your wife or partner and ultimately makes life easier for you.

Working with me as your relationship coach is a decision that you will not regret.  You will be surprised how easy it is to open up and how understood you feel.  You will feel better about yourself, your relationship, and enjoy the happier personal life you’ve always wanted. 

Ready to start enjoying your relationship again?  

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I am a strong and experienced coach who is empathetic, direct, and focused on finding solutions.  I am uniquely positioned to help you start living your best relationship.   Just as you would in other areas of your life; take charge and hire a coach. 

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