Our personal and professional lives are intertwined...

and it is important to acknowledge that our inner voice and coping mechanisms accompany us wherever we go, including the workplace. 

While many professionals seek the assistance of coaches to enhance their managerial skills and devise strategies for goal achievement, the need for greater emotional intelligence (EQ) in today’s business climate cannot be ignored.

This is where Lisa’s unique brand of coaching comes in and sheds insight into sources of conflict and lower performance that otherwise go unrecognized.  Clients seek Lisa’s astute ability to see what’s happening below the surface and identify the underlying influences of relationships and dealings. 

Her integrated approach of blending Positive Psychology and the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) provides an unparalleled edge to traditional executive coaching.  

With tools from Positive Psychology, she offers a supportive environment for clients to look introspectively and shift the focus from weaknesses to a deeper understanding of their strengths. Together, they explore self-awareness and self-regulation, where motivation lies, and identify untapped abilities.

As a master practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI)...

Lisa educates leaders and management teams on attitudinal filters, individual perceptions and energetic influences found in all professional settings. Her specialized approach to her clients ELI debriefs provides unique perspective on their responses to challenges, stress management, ability to inspire others, and ability to drive progress.  Professionals of all levels can benefit from the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), a renowned assessment tool recognized by Forbes as one of the top ten assessments for executives.

Lisa’s clients gain tremendous advantages from her focused deep-dive into their professional persona, elevating themselves from the pack by:

  • successfully handle challenging personalities
  • identify and effectively deal with narcissists
  • discover and untangle triggers that impede interactions, risk negotiations, and undermine forward movement.
  • diminish insecurities and increase confidence
  • reduce the need to micromanage, be it actual or perceived
  • ensure individual roles are keenly aligned with their strengths
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What Clients Have To Say

Lisa's guidance has been described by professional clients as one of the most influential and impactful decisions in their lives, helping them overcome mental obstacles, establish their leadership style, and develop a strategy to bring their professional vision to fruition.

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