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About Lisa Brown

Positive Psychology, Life and Relationship Coach

Like so many of us, there was a time in my life when I was at a crossroads regarding my future.  I needed to take stock of my current circumstances and confront my reality with bold honesty.

 I asked myself, “Should I continue on with the life I was living, seemingly perfect from the outside, but struggling internally, leaving me unsatisfied and unfulfilled?  Or, do I have what it takes to rebuild my life into one that I love?  Do I have the courage and self-esteem to recreate my life to the one I dreamt of?” 

I made the empowering decision to take responsibility for my own actions and personal happiness. 

Positive Psychology was the critical tool that allowed me to look at my life objectively, face my insecurities and self-imposed limitations, and broaden my perspective and ability to support everything I wanted to achieve.

Recognizing that these invaluable insights and life skills are seldom taught, I made it my mission to assist women who found themselves in similar situations as mine.

My aim was to provide the impartial, yet caring support I needed but couldn’t find.  I help guide women through the maze of mixed emotions, help them understand they are not alone, and provide the clarity they crave to live a life they love.

As my journey progressed, I obtained certifications in Positive Psychology and life coaching through IPEC.  Soon thereafter, both men and professionals worldwide acknowledged the benefits they could derive from the tools and insights I possessed.

With the practice of Positive Psychology, I discovered how to create the life I wanted, always supported by clearly seeing my self-worth and intrinsic value. Through this transformational education, my self-confidence ignited and I developed the strength and know-how to do what best served me.

I want to help you do the same.

Providing clients a safe place to ask bold questions

Through positive psychology I learned life and relationship skills that transformed my world.  What I discovered was so impactful I knew I needed to teach it to others.

My empathetic yet direct approach has helped my clients to live the life they want while cultivating relationships that thrive.

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