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What Is Positive Psychology And How Can It Help Me?


If you are feeling stagnant and frustrated with the way your life is going — whether it’s dissatisfaction in your relationship, self-esteem issues, or negative patterns with friends — you may have considered pursuing therapy or life coaching of some kind. There are all kinds of techniques that can help you through tough transitions and to help you create new patterns to facilitate happiness in your own life. Today, we’ll be discussing positive psychology: specifically, what it is and how it may be able to help you change your life.


What exactly is positive psychology?
Positive psychology refers to the study of the things that make life worth living. The basic principles of this study are that people want to feel fulfilled and like their life has a purpose, and that we want to nurture the best things in our experiences (in work, in relationships, and in recreation) and within ourselves. It seems like a basic concept: we want to understand what makes people thrive and focus on what makes us happiest. But in many ways, this entire idea is pretty revolutionary.

In many other psychological schools of thought, there’s an emphasis on treating problematic behaviors and mental illnesses. Positive psychology does not ignore the real issues all people experience; it simply serves a complement to that kind of psychology and can provide solutions for people who, for whatever reason, are unable to realize their dreams, unlock their potential, or break free of dissatisfaction.


How does positive psychology coaching differ from other kinds of coaching or therapy?
There are all kinds of psychological fields of study and methods for putting those ideas into practice. And while there are certain types of therapies that focus on creating a better life for oneself by changing thought processes (cognitive behavioral therapy, for example), adding the principles of positive psychology into your own life can take many different forms. Approximately 40% of your happiness is determined by your thoughts and behavior, so there are all sorts of ways to embrace a happier life, from gratitude journals and mantras to meditation and mindfulness. At its core, it’s really more about a certain way of thinking — an emphasis or framework — than it is a specific method or discipline. Every life coach will have their own approach to help their clients achieve their goals with through positive psychology.



How can positive psychology help me?
Positive psychology aims to help clients adopt positive attitudes towards their experiences and themselves. Really, it’s about developing a sense of optimism. But there are, of course, countless approaches one can take. With help from a life coach, you may be able to change your mindset by embracing an ideology of happiness and satisfaction. While working with a positive psychology life coach may not be appropriate or adequate in every case, it can often work as a “reset button” that allows you to recognize what you really want and gives you the tools to help to become your best self.


If you want to make healthier decisions, become more resilient, improve your relationships, and create a rewarding future for yourself, working with a positive psychology life coach may help you achieve those goals. To find out more information, contact Lisa Brown today.


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